Sorry for the uppdate. The text and the pictures that I wrote was deleted!

On Friday we went to fort Fort Breendonk. September 1, 1940, it was made into a prison camp, including as a transit camp for transport to concentration camps to the east. The camp became notorious for interrogation and torture of various groups of prisoners. Of at least 3,500 inmates prisoners released only 458 of the camp. The rest were killed or sent to concentration camps to the east. It was very horrible to here everything they did to the prisoners.


In this room, they decided what punishment the prisoners would have.


The guide

it has room they got as punishment was to sit in without food or water in one day without moving


The torture room. It was very horrible to hear what they didb to them..


Here is the toilet. They did not choose themselves when they would walk on toilet they only hadspecific times and they only had two minutes on him. All went together. They whistled the whistle when they would sit, take down your pants and go up. If they were not clean afterwards they got a punichment.


place of execution


few torture tools



This is was what they were wearing. As soon as they arrived, they were not people just “things” with a number.


In this small thing 100 people were transported to the other concentration camp in the east. Many died on the road and the rest of the people had to sit on the dead. The image that is inside is painted by a man who was there.


We asked some students what they thought of it

Carl (swedish student):
– It was horrible to see but interesting. I learned to appriciate my life more and it was interesting to see how long a human can go to survive

Alpha (belgian student):
– It was really hard to be there because it was so horrible, but very instructive


The reception

After that we went back to school and prepared for a reception that was on the evening. We prepared some pictures of our mini enterprises to show the people that was invited to the event that we had in school. The people invited were parents and old students from last years projekt. On the event the principal of school talked about the projekt and then we were offered on Belgian specialties and something to drink. The rest of the evening we just mingled around and answered questions about the project.IMG_1493



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