First day in Belgien!


Yesterday we landed in Brussels and was welcomed by Inge, Raf, Alpha, Jonathan and Kimberly waiting with their cars. We were happy that it was good weather outside. Then we went to their school and eat Spaghetti in their dining room and hung out and then we went home to their families.


This is in the school


Today we met at school at 8:30 am and met the 7 Sales from school and they showed us around. From there we went to Antwerp and did some fun tasks and looked around the city. We were also in a Museum were you can see the whole city. Antwerp is a very important city for trade and transportation around the world. Many products from all over the world will be packaged and sent to their destination in Europe. It was very nice! Now we are at home and will get ready to party.


we checked in different chocolate stores =)


we tried their delicious french fries


Belgium Central Station are the top four of the world’s finest central stations.


This is a little store this class have in school.


This is from the museum



This is the museum from outside






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