Day: 5 & 6

Yesterday (wednesday) we started at 9:00 am, we continued to work with our groups and everything went as it should. A little later we were visited by Rebecca Wennberg, she had a lecture on Local bjsiness organization of Sigtuna. After the lecture, we continued to work with our groups and thing for tomorrow. Later in the evening some of us went to Kista Galleria to see the movie Django, a very good movie and worth seeing! Great end to a hard day at school


IMG_1343IMG_1353 IMG_1365

Sooooo today we all met in Märsta Station at 08:40 am, we went to Beckers who is a paint factory. It is one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly factories. We came in to a room when to people started to talk about the factory. At 10:00 am they gave us some coffe and cake, in swedish we calls it Fika 🙂 later on they showed us around the factory, we were wearing glasses and wests. We wanted to take pictures so you could see but they did not let us do that. After that we went back to school and fineshed all work for tomorrow!


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