Day 2 & 3: Sigtuna and Stockholm


Yesterday we were guided around Sigtuna and we learned about the history of Sigtuna. Sigtuna is Swedens oldest city. It was very cold outside when we were barbequing so finally we warmed ourselves at a cafe called Cafe Valvet. In the afternoon some of us went to Kista Galleria to shop.

Today we guided the Belgians around Gamla Stan. We showed them some of the sights Stockholm; The Prime Ministers house, the royal castle of the king and the Queen, the oldest restaurant – den gyllende freden. the national bank, famous statues, the oldest square, to name a few. After that we went to the tallest tower in Stockholm named Kaknästornet and had lunch. In the end we went to the Vasa museum and then some of us went and played billiards. We had a great time today and I hope that the Belgians enjoyed the day. Here is some pictures of yesterday and today:




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